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Waterfountains + Laserlight + Fire
Fontanny Wodne
Pokazy z ogniem
Reach the heart of the people
Pokazy wodnych fontann, laseramy, ogniem i wodnym ekranem
For Rent And Sale * Indoor & Outdoor * Worldwide * Since 1972 * For 4 people or one million
Do you have questions? Do you need more Information? I´m glad if I can help you. Phone (in Germany/Europe, area code from the USA): 011-49-821-2 17 06 98, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Viber or Hike ID (Germany/Europe): 0049-176-957 067 17, Cellular GSM Phone in Germany: 0049-176-957 067 17, Cellular GSM Phone in Poland: 0048-790-383-085,
eMail: info@emotion-experts.com
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Made in Western Germany
Concerted Experience and Know-how from over 45 years!
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